Keratoconus Patient Testimonials

MA, London 11/03/16

Being a Keratoconus patient I had attended both Western Eye and Moorfield's hospital's before turning to Parker & Hammond. The advice and service I have had with regards to my eyes has been fantastic. I have full confidence in Dipesh and his team and have never been in a better place with regards to my specialist eye care. I would highly recommend this practice to those with specialist needs.

JB, London 28/01/15

I have keratoconus and dry eyes. I was struggling with RGP lenses for a long time - I was often getting eye inflammation and I was not able to work. I visited few opticians who were working with keratoconus patients, but the issue was that they were specialising mainly in one type of lenses only. After trying the lenses they were offering and finding out that they did not fit me, I was forced to search for a new optician.

Everything changed when I found Parker & Hammond Opticians approximately 2 years ago. They are specialising in a big variety of contact lenses types for keratoconus patients, so I was able to try various types of them, till my practitioner (Dipesh Chhatralia) found the ones which fits my eyes without causing problems. Since then I use Parker & Hammond Opticians regulary. The practice plan, I have signed for, covers my regular check ups, emergency appointments if necessary and I even get a discount for solutions and eye supplements. It is for good price too (as you may know corneal topography itself could be really expensive and it is included in the plan). The service is superb and staff is very friendly. I feel confident knowing that I can get help. Thank you Dipesh and Parker & Hammond Opticians.

JF, Teddington 18/10/14

Thanks to the expertise of Dipesh Chhatralia and the team at Parker and Hammond Opticians and the fantastic range of new lenses from Synergeyes that are now available for keratoconus patients, I finally feel that after 30 years of struggling with various lenses, including RGP and Softperm lenses that my keratoconus is finally, at long last a problem solved. Thanks for everything Dipesh.

LK, Bexleyheath, Kent 09/10/14

I have been using this optician for about 18 months now. I was at a point where I had all but given up on getting decent vision. I contacted parker and Hammond and they have been extremely helpful right from the start, I have my vision back and can led a normal life, a have a affordable payment plan to cover the cost of my specialist lenses, and I also have a optician who is always on hand to help me whenever I need it. Parker and Hammond have given me great and friendly service and are always going out of their way to help me. finding a good optician who you can trust and who understands your eye needs isn't easy I would recommend them to anyone particularly those with keratoconus.

LC, Denham 20/12/2012

I was diagnosed with kerataconus 25 years ago and for much of that time wore “soft-perm” lenses.  When these lenses were discontinued, I struggled to find an alternative option.  Due to my condition, it is difficult to find a lens, which provides both comfort and optical solutions. I have visited several opticians, some specializing in the field – but I felt unhappy with the service or options they provided. It was my good fortune to discover the talents of Dipesh Chhatralia.  He came highly recommended and he has fulfilled all my hopes of a expert optician. Persevering beyond what anyone could reasonably hope for, and determined to discover a solution for his patient, Dipesh went far beyond the call.  He spends time with his patients and listens carefully.  He takes a personal interest.  Although the road to kerataconus solutions is sometimes trying, you know you have a specialist who will truly work tirelessly to find a solution. And the result…?  A lens that offers better vision than I could have hoped for and comfort that is unparalleled.  It has changed my life in a way no one can understand.
There is no other optician that I would entrust my sight to and I can recommend a visit.  I honestly believe that Dipesh and his team provide the highest quality service, and with the finest personal level of attention of any optician in the UK.

MC, Isleworth 15/11/2012

I was diagnosed with kerataconus 30 years ago. I am lucky to have stable disease but thought it inevitable that my eyes were often uncomfortable, red, puffy and dry with my trusted NHS prescribed lenses. Bright light vision was becoming more and more difficult. Over recent years I experienced the consequences of prescription error compounded by admin error which in the NHS setting could not be untangled and then,  my own distress and fears. Very fortunately for me,  I saw the list of optometrists listed on the Keretaconus Self-Help website.  Mr Chhatralia has a consistent and comprehensive history for me and carefully fitted me with new lenses which are so comfortable - my eyes are no longer straining, the whites of my eyes no longer red and I have no fear that the lenses I am wearing might actually be harmful.  I would recommend a consultation with this optician if you are having similar problems.

SY, Moscow

Today I have received the left contact lens. I have tried it and find fitting my eye just perfect. So THANK YOU AGAIN for giving me a chance for a full and bright life! I am looking forward to see you again soon and to continue use of your great services. Thank you and the best regards from Moscow!