Colorimetry & Precision Tinted Lenses

The colorimeter is a highly sophisticated instrument which is used to identify the precise colour that can make maximal difference in reducing visual stress to make reading easier.

Children who find coloured overlays useful will most often benefit from a colorimetry assessment. Coloured overlays are only available in 12 different combinations and they may not be the exact colour match for an individual to minimise or eliminate visual stress. Whilst coloured spectacles or precision tinted lenses prescribed using the colorimeter are available in thousands of different combinations. The degree of precision in the choice of colour is critical for obtaining the best results, and the precision available with coloured spectacle lenses is far greater than with overlays.

For children who sucessfully use coloured overlays, precision tinted spectacles will be more useful as they can be used for additional tasks such as writing or computer use, whereas overlays cannot.

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