Dyslexia & Visual Stress Assessments

People who have dyslexia are more likely to have certain eye problems and a specialist assessment can help investigate if these are contributing to their reading difficulties.

A number of people who have dyslexia suffer from binocular vision (eye coordination) problems and visual stress which can add to the reading difficulties they face. A comprehensive eye examination is essential to investigate if any binocular vision problems exists and if so are addressed appropriately.

Visual stress also referred to as Meares-Irlen Syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome is a term used to describe a group of symptoms which give rise to reading difficulties, headaches or  light sensitivity usually when looking at printed text.

The main symptoms of visual stress include:

  • Moving or blurring of text
  • Glare from text on page
  • Headaches when reading
  • Sores eyes when reading

Visual stress can cause:

  • Excessive blinking or rubbing of eyes
  • Poor concentration when reading
  • Inefficient Reading
  • Difficulty tracking words when reading

Visual stress can be reduced by the use of coloured overlays or coloured lenses in spectacles (precision tinted lenses) which is assessed on an instrument called a colorimeter.

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