Low Vision Assessments

There are some eye conditions where the eyesight cannot be corrected to normal levels with spectacles, contact lenses or surgical intervention, this is termed as low vision.

Let us help you make best use of your vision

In most cases, although the vision is not functioning as efficiently as it should do, there are many ways in which we can maximise the use of the remaining vision. A low vision assessment helps identify the degree of vision loss and give advice on maximising the visual potential and in turn improve ones quality of life.

A comprehensive assessment directed towards your needs

This will usually include demonstrations on the appropriate low vision aids (LVA’s). These include specialist spectacles, magnifiers, telescopes and electronic visual enhancing equipment. We will also discuss optimal lighting and other strategies in making best use of your vision. We can also advise on non-optical help and support available to patients with visual impairment such as help groups, large print newspapers, audio material including books, national newspapers and magazines and devices that can make daily living tasks easier.

Telescopic spectacles to enhance your vision

Parker & Hammond Opticians is a specialised centre for the assessment and fitting of a range of low vision spectacle systems known as BiOptic Telescopes. With magnifications of up to 6x, these special glasses can often help patients see letters on the optician’s test chart that they thought they would never see again. With bioptic devices, we have patients who can now see bus numbers, train timetables, recognise faces and much more where they previously thought they never would.

The award-winning Ocutech VES- AutoFocus is the world’s only self-focusing bioptic telescope. Not only is it great for distance activities, the VES- AutoFocus low vision aid is able to provide comfortable, convenient, natural magnified vision at normal near distances.

Our optometrists have unique knowledge, training and expertise in the field of low vision. If you think you or a family member may benefit from our low vision service please contact our practice and speak to one of our optometrists before arranging an appointment so we can allocate appropriate time for the consultation.