Sports Eyewear

Optimal visual correction can improve sporting performance, and whatever your chosen sport, the right type of visual correction is as important as the right equipment. Tough eye protection is essential for any sporting activities, and we are able to advise you on the most suitable eyewear for your sport. We have a range of high quality, stylish models to suit all sports, styles and budgets.

Get the clear edge over your opponents

Sports spectacles are specifically designed to be lightweight and shatterproof and can also provide 100% UV protection. Curved and wrapped frames are a practical choice for sporting activities because these styles are not only windproof but give you an unrestricted panoramic view. We can provide prescription swimming goggles and prescription shooting spectacles, and we can also advise you on contact lens alternatives to spectacles for contact sports such as rugby and football.

Certain sports need the protection of special frames or goggles. For example, squash players require goggles that protect the temples and bridge of the nose as well as the eyes. Squash can cause severe eye injuries, which means that effective eye protection is vital.

Cutting edge eyewear technology, expert care

Parker & Hammond Opticians in Harrow has been providing the local community with professional eye care for over 70 years. We will recommend the best sports glasses for you after carefully examining your eyes, analyzing your prescription, and discussing your requirements with you in detail. We are able to accommodate complex prescriptions using special inserts in sports frames - even for people who may previously have been told that such eyewear is not an option.

Traditional, friendly service

The skill of our optometrists and friendly, personal service ensure that whatever your sport, there is a sports eye wear solution for you to protect your eyes, give you clear vision and improve your game.