Visual Fields

Visual field examination is just as important as examining the clarity of your vision. This test tells us how much of the world you can see in a glance.

The test allows us to examine the integrity of the optic nerve in your eye to determine if there are any signs of damage, often as a result of high eye pressure or poor blood supply. A visual field exam can also detect neurological disorders such as tumours, strokes, and aneurysms and often is a test recommended for those patients who suffer headaches.

At Parker & Hammond we believe in offering only the best to our patients. We have invested in a hospital standard visual field analyser. This allows us to detect and monitor visual field problems at the same standard as the top eye hospitals. We work with local hospitals and consultants in sharing patients who need this specialist test performed.

Registered with the DVLA

We are a DVLA registered practice to perform visual assessments. We often get referrals from the DVLA requesting us to perform detailed visual field examinations. This can determine whether ones visual field is within the legal standards required both for cars and heavy goods vehicles.