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We always protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun by applying sun protection, but may neglect our eyes, which need similar protection. Wearing the appropriate eye protection is vital, because excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause serious changes on the eye’s surface and within the eye, which can accelerate the eye’s ageing process leading to cataracts and degeneration of the retina. Sunglasses help to prevent harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays from entering your eyes.

High fashion designer sunglasses in Harrow and Northwood. Unbeatable eye protection

Sunglasses can be a great fashion accessory, but although darkly tinted glasses reduce brightness, they offer no protection from glare. Why not combine looking great with the healthcare of your eyes by protecting your eyes from UV? Polarised sunglasses offer the best sun protection and eliminate glare by blocking light from reflective surfaces. This can significantly improve the clarity of your vision on sunny days.

Make the right choice in sunglasses for your eye health

Maui Jim® Sunglasses are the finest polarised sunglasses in the world – they successfully combine PolarizedPlus® multi-layer lens technology with quality and fashion to deliver the highest performing, best-looking designer sunglasses available today. Maui Jim sunglasses offer a vast array of frame designs, from ultra-lightweight flexible frames that adjust to your face, to titanium frames that are extremely strong. Maui Jim® sunglasses eliminate ALL types of glare for unmatched, superior optical clarity and they are ideal for active people whether you love boating, fishing, golf or driving. They are available in both prescription and non-prescription, and you can get their range of sports sunglasses in Harrow and Northwood.

Cutting edge eyewear technology with great looks

We are able to convert designer sunglasses into most prescriptions without compromising on style. Prescription sunglasses are available in all lenses designs including single vision, bifocal and varifocals. We have one of the most comprehensive sunglasses collections in North West London, so come in and see our incredible collection of Sports Sunglassess and designer Sunglasses for yourself.